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West Palm Beach, FL Pest Control

Family-Friendly Pest Control in West Palm Beach, Florida

Providing family-friendly pest control in West Palm Beach, FL. Being owned and operated out of Broward County, FL, we are familiar with common pests in our area and know how to stop them fast!

With over 2,000 Satisfied Customers and a science-based treatment system, we can solve all of your pest control and exterminator needs in a jiffy.

Our Team provides guaranteed control of ants, roaches, wasps, spiders, rodents, rats, mice, bedbugs, and termites. 

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Cockroach Control in West Palm Beach, FL

In West Palm Beach, Florida, households commonly encounter two cockroach varieties: the American cockroach, also known as Palmetto bugs due to their large size and wings, and the other being the German cockroach.

The American cockroach or Palmetto bug, measuring around two inches, is considered an occasional invader that usually stays outdoors. Without regular preventative pest control, these roaches may enter your home from outside. Detection of more than a couple of American cockroaches per month may indicate a potential entry point through the interior plumbing, allowing access from the sewer system.

German cockroaches do not thrive outdoors; their presence in homes usually results from accidental introduction or entering from neighboring units in shared living spaces like condos or townhomes. Smaller than their American counterparts, German cockroaches tend to conceal themselves in cracks and crevices, typically starting in the kitchen and then spreading to bathrooms. To get rid of German cockroaches in your West Palm Beach residence, a two-part interior pest treatment is implemented for comprehensive elimination.

Rodent Control in West Palm Beach, FL

Rodents, especially Roof rats, are a common issue in West Palm Beach homes, often indicated by strange noises in the attic at night or small black droppings measuring between 1/4 - 1/2 of an inch. Roof rats are skilled at getting into homes, seeking food and shelter.

To address rodent problems in your West Palm Beach home, consider a comprehensive rodent control program that involves full baiting and general exclusion of your home. This includes using tamper-proof rodent bait stations outside to reduce the outdoor rodent population.

If you don't currently have a rat issue, having our team install tamper-proof rodent bait stations outside your home along with baiting is a proactive step.

Mice are also a concern in West Palm Beach, FL, and our rodent service also takes care of them. Mice, being curious, are often seen looking for food in homes during the day. Due to their smaller size, mice can fit into smaller entry holes. Our rodent-preventative treatments come with a warranty covering both rats and mice for a thorough resolution.

After successfully getting rid of rodents from your home, consider replacing attic insulation due to potential contamination from rodent urine and feces. Our services are equipped to safely handle insulation removal and replacement in your home or business, including attic fogging with a sanitization product as part of our comprehensive approach.

Rodent Sanitation in West Palm Beach, FL

If the issue happens to be a larger infestation at your West Palm Beach residence, then the subsequent step is to prioritize rodent sanitation to ensure a meticulously clean and secure living environment. This entails the thorough removal of items impacted by rodent activity and the application of specialized organic chemical treatments to comprehensively sanitize the affected areas.

Our highly specialized rodent sanitation services are intricately designed, going beyond basic item removal by incorporating targeted organic chemical treatments. This strategic process not only eradicates potential contaminants left by rodents but also acts as a preventive measure against any residual health risks.

Furthermore, our services encompass the careful removal and replacement of insulation in your West Palm Beach home. Rodents, through their activities, can compromise insulation integrity, posing potential health hazards. Our adept team ensures the safe removal and seamless replacement of insulation, maintaining optimal insulation effectiveness.

As an additional layer of protection, our rodent sanitation approach involves attic fogging, utilizing a specialized sanitization product. This meticulous fogging procedure effectively eradicates residual odors, bacteria, or allergens, providing a comprehensive and indispensable solution to rodent-related sanitation concerns in West Palm Beach.

By selecting our services, you not only address immediate rodent issues but also invest in ensuring the health and safety of your West Palm Beach living environment. Our unwavering commitment to a thorough and undetectable rodent sanitation approach underscores our dedication to ensuring a pristine, sanitized, and rodent-free living space for you, your family, or colleagues in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Iguana Control in West Palm Beach, FL

We specialize in managing iguana control in West Palm Beach with services that exceed basic removal. Our methods include specialized measures for immediate iguana extermination, eliminating existing iguanas, and proactively preventing potential property damage and safety risks.

Our team carefully evaluates your West Palm Beach property, implementing targeted measures to control iguana activity. Iguanas, known for their invasive behavior, can threaten your landscaping and structures. We respond swiftly, addressing immediate concerns and preventing future issues.

Choosing our services not only resolves current iguana problems but also safeguards your West Palm Beach property for the long term. Our commitment to a discreet and rapid iguana control approach ensures a secure, iguana-free environment for you, your family, or colleagues in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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