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Bed bug symptoms

Bedbugs lack wings and are small, reddish-brown insects that feed on blood. Within a week or two, bedbug bites usually disappear without treatment. Although it is not known that bedbugs transmit disease, some individuals may experience severe skin reactions or an allergic reaction.

Bedbugs have a size similar to an apple seed. They come out at night to feed on humans, their preferred host, and hide in the cracks and crevices of box springs, headboards, bed frames, and other objects around a bed. If you spend a lot of time in hotels, hospitals, or homeless shelters, where people frequently come and go at night, you are more likely to encounter bedbugs.

Professional bedbug extermination is strongly recommended if you find bedbugs in your home. Bedbug bite symptoms are comparable to those of other insect bites and rashes. Typically, bedbug bites are:

Spots that are inflamed and often have a darker spot in the middle. They are itchy and can be found on the face, neck, arms, and hands. Some people don't react to bedbug bites at all, while others have an allergic reaction that can be severe itching, blisters, or hives.

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