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The Furniture Carpet Beetle

Anthrenus flavipes, the adult furniture carpet beetle, is slightly larger and rounder than the varied carpet beetle when viewed from above. The furniture carpet beetle has a variety of colors and markings, but the black spots that are scattered among the white and dark yellow to orange scales on its wing covers generally give it a mottled appearance. Adults may appear completely black if these scales have fallen off. White covers their undersides.

At first, larvae are white, but as they mature, they become dark red or chestnut brown. These larvae are wider in the front and narrower in the back, in contrast to the varied carpet beetle larvae. The larvae of the furniture carpet beetle eat the same things as the larvae of other carpet beetles.

The furniture carpet beetle's life cycle is comparable to that of the various carpet beetles. The furniture carpet beetle typically lays 60 eggs, each of which hatches between 9 and 16 days later. Before pupating, the larvae live for 70 to 94 days. They develop into adults after 14 to 17 days as pupae. Adult furniture carpet beetles live between four and eight weeks.

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